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What Drives Us

Welcome to Queen City Golden Doodles.  Our family comes from a long line of dog lovers, owners, breeders, and as such, we take great pride & care in the puppies we breed for you.We have always lived with the philosophy of loving kindness, and we apply this to our beloved dogs.

Your puppy will get the individual attention and stimulation needed for quality adolescent development. Your newest family member will have  an easy-going temperament (great with children), amazing trainability, loyalty and intelligence. These are only a few of the reasons we choose to breed the two most popular breeds in the AKC. 

All puppies are born and raised in our home in Cincinnati Ohio. From an early age, the puppies will be playing with just about everything from our Golden doodle family member Nathaniel Giovanni, fondly known as Natti-G, to our grandchildren who will also help with sensory stimulation training and socialization from birth.  These pups will be happy, healthy, and strong as we run the most current genetic panels on all of our parents, testing for over 150 diseases. We stay in contact with other premium breeders and breeders forums to keep current with information on puppy development, food, genetics, and any issues and concerns that come from the Goldendoodles Association of North America or G.A.N.A.   Parents health test results are available for review at any time upon request.      


We at Queen City Goldendoodles are not a kennel or a professional breeding compound. It is our home that we share with our dogs. All Queen City dogs are pets. Although dog training and ownership have always been part of our lives, it wasn't until my mother brought Natti-G into our lives that we began to consider starting a breeding program. His innate ability to recognize when I was having a rough day or experiencing physical discomfort has always resulted in him lying next to me, and quietly providing deep emotional comfort.  A year later, Alice Ember arrived from River Falls Goldendoodles and now we want to become a part of sharing this experience with others.   Since being introduced to the Goldendoodle breed, raising the highest quality companion has become a passion of ours to produce the healthiest, best tempered goldendoodle puppies possible. Lynne Porter-Whitmire, our sister breeder at Fountain Falls Goldendoodles, uses her Bachelor of Science degree to study the science of genetics, understand the importance of DNA and other medical testing and scientific breeding practices needed to breed healthy well tempered dogs with the look and hypo-allergenic qualities you want in a healthy dog. Our family has over 20 years combined experience to help you choose the newest member of your family. Our doodles are not only our best friends and companions, but they are joining our family tradition of enriching many communities as therapy and service dogs.  Join Queen City Goldendoodles, and you'll have a lifelong relationship with our family. We also offer boarding for the unexpected emergency.  One more reason to keep it all in the family.  Make the right choice, choose Queen City Goldendoodles.

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