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Adoption Process

A few things you should know:

Virtual Visits: 

You can follow all of our upcoming pups, and their soon to be mama, Alice Ember on our Facebook page.  We will start posting puppy pictures and videos after the pups eyes open and when the pups become mobile which is around 4 weeks of age.  These pictures and videos along with our temperament and personality assessments will help in our recommendation for the perfect pup to fit your family's profile.       

**In light of Covid 19 and Omicron we do not allow visitation prior to puppy pick up. We can schedule individual FaceTime sessions upon request.  

Puppy Placement:

Puppies will be selected in the order deposits are received with a few exceptions. If families have requested a particular gender and that gender is not available, their name will be passed and the next family on the list requesting the available gender will receive a puppy. Families are notified when the puppies are a few days old. Families will also be asked to supply a written description of any characteristics that are important to them in a dog personality profile sheet along with other documents we will need signed and returned prior to puppy selection day. These will be emailed to you after said puppy is secured with a deposit. At 2-3 weeks of age we start puppy assessment testing to determine coat types, personalities, estimated adult sizes, etc. Photos of the entire litter are provided from birth, and around two, four and six weeks of age on our Queen city Goldendoodles Face Book page. After the assessment process is completed, we will provide results and make suggestions on puppy pick day at 6 weeks of age, based on characteristics you provide to Queen City Goldendoodles on your Puppy Personality Profile sheet that you return to us in the adoption process.  We can select your puppy for your family based on your profile or you can pick your puppy. Puppy selection order follows the order that deposits were received. First and possibly second choice will always be reserved for Queen city Goldendoodles, in order to continue our program. Your $500 deposit can be paid via Paypal  or Cashier's Check. The remaining balance is due at 6 weeks of age on Puppy Virtual Visit/Pick Day.  When pick day is scheduled for your puppy at 6 weeks of age, you must be available at the scheduled time to Zoom/FaceTime etc... If you decline due to vacation, business trips, elective surgeries, etc., your name will placed at the bottom of the selection list or we can choose for you.   

If you paid your deposit and circumstances are such that you decide you cannot buy a puppy at this time, you may move the deposit to the next litter of the same size one time without penalty. You must choose a puppy from the very next litter of the same size or your deposit is forfeited. You must inform Queen City Goldendoodles of this decision before the puppy is four weeks old in order to make the puppy available for other families. Deposits are non-refundable.  Although we are able to sell your puppy we may have encountered a loss of a potential sale for future litters.  The price of the puppy may change in future litters, and there is no guarantee that you will pay the same price as the litter on which the original deposit was made. 


Queen City golden doodles adoption fee is $3,000* 

Deposits are $500 and are non-refundable and only accepted after your application is approved.  The remaining balance is due on puppy selection day at 6 weeks of age.  Due to new Government policies regarding e-payments we accept only Cash or a Cashier's check made payable to Maegdlyn and Gregory Morris. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT)

*Please add 5.7% sales tax if you are a resident of Ohio.

Included in your adoption fee: Licensed Veterinarian wellness check, Veterinary report card with proof of immunizations, lifetime microchip monitoring with Datamars PetLink, TLC take home packet and resources for Baxter & Bella's online puppy school. We are also available for lifetime support with any questions. 

We are not selling breeding rights at this time. 

Puppy Pick Up

Please arrange your schedule to pick up your puppy between the 49th and 56th day after birth. 


There are several ways to pick up your puppy.  It is always preferable to pick him/her up in person at our home. We can arrange to deliver your pup via Ground Nanny.  Nola Morris Pet Transport Services handles all of our ground transportation.  For a quote to your home feel free to contact Nola Morris at If you would like to fly into (CVG) (DAY) to pick up your pup, we will meet you curbside outside of baggage claim.  Rates for airport delivery are as follows: (CVG)  Airport $200. Dayton airport 350.00. We also offer Flight Nanny service. Our Nanny will personally fly with your puppy anywhere in the USA for a fee between $700-$850. This fee includes Nanny and puppy tickets, required vet flight certificate, use of transport carrier.  The pup never leaves the Nanny's side.  Upon delivery, our Nanny takes a picture of you and the pup for confirmation of delivery. We do not ship puppies via cargo at this time.


 If we are boarding your puppy after the 57th day there will be a boarding/training fee of $50 per day and that payment is also expected with final payment. You can rest assured that your pup will receive daily age appropriate interaction and training so that you have a well socialized, intermediate crate trained puppy when it is time to present him or her to your family.

*We will not always be able to extend the time that your puppy stays with us. Please discuss any plans contrary to the 57th day pick up well in advance if late pick up will be requested. Insurance from Trupanion must be taken out by any family who will not be able to pick up their puppy by 8 weeks of age.


We health test all of our breeding dogs to make sure you are getting the healthiest puppy possible. No puppy from the Queen City Goldendoodles extended family has ever been diagnosed with a genetic disease. We strive in every way possible to provide you with a healthy puppy. Please do your part to follow all food and exercise recommendations that will be given in detail in your take home packet. The wrong kind of food or exercise can do irreparable damage to a fast growing puppy’s joints. You should read the recommendations several times over the first year as puppies are not fully mature until at least 18 months of age.  Our guarantee does not cover anything environmental as this is out of our control.

Health Guarantee

All Queen city dogs live in loving homes with their families. They have been tested and certified according to recommendations by the AKC poodle club of America, GANA, Golden Doodles of North America, the AKC Golden Retriever club of America, the AKC poodle club and Premium Breeders List. and certified by Good Dog.   I strive to keep in touch with as many of my pups as possible to offer support and collect data that will help me to continue to produce the best possible goldendoodle. All Queen City pups come with a two-year health guarantee. 

General Health Guarantee

You have a 72-hour general health guarantee that your puppy has had all of his/her appropriate vaccinations and any other necessary veterinary attention. I do ask that you take your puppy to be checked by a licensed veterinarian within these 72 hours and schedule your future vaccinations. I will not be responsible for any vet bills. Worms (internal parasites) are common in puppies, and I recommend that a stool sample be checked by the vet at all your puppy’s check-ups. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your puppy away from other dogs and public areas until he/she is fully vaccinated as there are many diseases such as Parvo which are deadly to new puppies.

There will be no returns on any puppy unless you have met the above criteria. If your puppy does become seriously ill within this time, please go to the vet and get a letter of diagnosis to be given to me upon the return of your puppy. No puppy has ever been returned for health or temperament issues.

Long-Term Health Guarantee

My puppies come with a guarantee that covers his/her hips and eyes until 24 months of age. If your puppy is diagnosed as having any diagnosed genetic disease, Queen City Goldendoodles will reimburse owner for vet fees incurred up to the price of the puppy. The second option is to return the puppy at your expense to Queen City Goldendoodles for a full refund or a replacement puppy when one becomes available. You do not have to return the puppy. See contract for further explanation.

This guarantee only applies to the original purchase of the pup. The guarantee is voided if the condition was caused by injuries acquired through training, play, or other activities, Or if the puppy has been neglected, malnourished, or allowed to become obese.

To qualify for a refund, your puppy’s X-rays must be confirmed by a licensed veterinarian who will send a statement to me.


All buyers most agree to and sign the contract prior to pick up. You should familiarize yourself with the contract before picking up your puppy so you are aware of all guarantees and expectations.


If you have any comments or questions about our parents, the puppies, or Goldendoodles in general, or you would like to set up an appointment to virtually visit the puppies, or parents, feel free to email us at    If you are  interested in seeing a particular Queen City goldendoodles  dog we will make every effort to arrange a virtual visit. 


Maggie Gregory, and Nola Morris

Queen City Goldendoodles

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